Friday, November 4, 2011

Wonder Woman Exists Within You!

Mighty and Strong!
And then there was Wonder Woman, but in our world we call her “Widow Woman”. She fights for love, the good in man-kind and wants to create unity with her “Super Friends”. Ah, this is where WE come in, we are Wonder Women and our unity of Super Friends is powered by strength and moving forward to a direction of wondrous achievement. Give yourself sometime today to think about your progress in your journey of grief, think back 6 months ago or 4 years ago, look at how far you have come! If your memory is a bit clouded, then ask a friend or a family member, I’m sure they are bound to respond in how proud they are of your “Wonder Woman” ways.  I salute you!
Please take some time to read the “Welcome Booklet“, you can download it here or click on the right banner. I created this small but useful read as a mini-tool to carry. Print it out, read it when you are feeling frustrated, confused or need to be reminded that you are NOT alone. We all have those days, so give yourself a big gift and shout out “TODAY  I AM WONDER WOMAN”. Yup, you said it! :)
- The Princess, Andi