Friday, November 4, 2011

Where to turn?

images-11 I love inspirational videos of others who have triumphed when everyone thought they would fail. I’m sort of a junkie over these kind of videos….they give me goosebumps, raise my dopamine levels and leave me feeling like ‘I can’.
But I have a little confession to make, I can be a little bit judgemental sometimes when I size the person up. I hear the story, I see the beautiful person and then I wonder….are they loved, are they supported by family or possibly a spouse? Is life just easier, prettier, richer and perfect again?
What do you do if you are the only person you have to get thru this obstacle in life? (which usually isn’t true except in your mind). What happens when tragedy hits and everyone goes home and leaves you alone?

It’s a worthy question to ask and attempt to answer, because it happens to many, many people. They are the fringe in our society, without a voice usually (or a safety net) reading this from a computer screen in the quiet of their minds, offices and homes. Isolated. Left wondering who is with them. How did their life take this turn? When darkness comes, who cares? Who really really ‘gives a damn’?
The answer is YOU.
You are the person you have been waiting for to come along and save yourself. Now, depending on your religious or belief system, of course, we know that God or the universe will be there to catch your fall. But both of them actually use ‘people’ to move mountains here on earth….and I’m afraid, that means YOU. Not the lady sitting over there. Not the guy who just walked by. Not the person behind the counter. Not that crazy driver pulling up beside you….YOU!
What’s important is to create a life inventory of your surroundings.
1) What do you have that can be of use?
2) What do you not have, but need?
3) Who can help you get what you need that you don’t have?
4) What are you willing to give up in order to get what you need? (make some space)
5) How badly do you really want it?

Hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness do not have to exist in your life. You weren’t created to stay down. Sure – you, like everyone has days where we feel these, but it’s YOU and choice that moves you out of it and into hopeful, helpful and worthy mindsets. If I had a way, I’d sit with each of you and we’d swap stories and details of what has happened and what we wished was different.
Or we can pretend we had that conversation and both sail into the future with new perspectives under our wings and realize, you will find your way, you were created for all things possible and your answers will come if you let them. Let them. You probably won’t understand them even when they do come and you certainly won’t want to act on them, but that’s alright. Do you think every person who you’ve seen in an inspirational video ever knew how it would end? No. That’s only in the movies people.
Become the you, you’ve been waiting for and I promise, you will always know where to turn.
What are you waiting for?
Carolyn       (Where to find me: I’m here for you.)