Saturday, June 23, 2012

I have a Dream this International Widow's Day 2012

Today is International Widow's Day.
I am a widow.....and I have a Dream!

-I dream of a day when widows don't have to worry about their future.
-I dream of a day that widows are seen as seasoned women.
-I dream of a day where widows don't use the widow card or crutch and show the world what an amazing women exists inside that 'label'
-I dream of a world where widows are a blessing to communities
-I dream of a town that embraces widows and shows up to mow their lawns, trim their trees, wash their cars, change their oil, lift boxes, help them move, bring them food, drive them to church, mentor their children, teach them a new skill, sit and listen as they cry and pray every night for their peace.
-I dream of widows growing into extraordinary human beings and raising the bar for ALL humans with grace and compassion.
-I dream of love to arrive again, men who desire to date a woman with some baggage and loving them enough to help unpack it.
-I dream of a day when the widow accidentally finds herself happy, fulfilled and giving to others because God has fulfilled his promise to renew her spirit.
-I dream of a day every widow in the world knows they are loved and respected.
-I have a dream that everyone will see the invisible crown I wear daily and it is a beautiful thing.

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