Friday, November 4, 2011

Together We Stand

 As a widow, you are not alone! Take a look here and see how important it is that we STAND TOGETHER  and unite to bring awareness and healing to each and every one of us. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? According to this USA Today article, at least 245 million women around the world have been widowed and more than 115 million of them live in devastating poverty. “The plight of widows — in the shadows of the  world — is a human rights catastrophe,” said Blair, the LOOMBA foundation’s president. “It’s really a  hidden humanitarian crisis.”
Well, all I can say is, ‘THIS SADDENS AND BREAKS MY HEART!’ It feels like an massive issue and it is, but to be honest, in my darkest moments, I couldn’t think of any other widow but ME. Tender loving care for yourself is definitely needed on a daily basis and please do this today. When the time is right, you will want to reach out to some other widow in pain and relieve it~ just a little. That’s worth repeating~ little things mean a lot to a widow. This is at the very core of who we are here at a Modern Widows Club. We welcome your compassionate input and presence.In the US of A, so far, the only stats I could come up with are these: Widow Statistics “800,000 new widows/widowers in the U.S. in 2002″ – National Mental Health Association

Holy cow, is all I can say. I’m stunned. I was widowed in 2000 and had no idea until now.

1-Loss of Independence- may be a serious threat. You may find yourself restricted in personal choices or worse, being controlled by someone else.
2- Loss of income- can include losing your spouse’s earned income, and/or mishandling of your assets. If your money is handled improperly, this can significantly impact your lifestyle.
3- Loss of ability to help your family or yourself- can leave you directionless, feeling overwhelmed and unable to make sound decisions, throw in the towel and go into a grief coma.
Have you found this to be true? All the professional advice I’ve gotten over the years, narrows down to 3 steps that we all must take in order to find our way.
First: Stabilize (are you laughing along with me?) It’s about gaining clarity, understanding the dangers, finding strengthing opportunities, renewing your confidence and assessing your situation.
Second:Plan (easier said then done with widdo brain) It’s about being determined, finding empowerment, take control of finances, addressing personal wants, making these steps happen daily.
Third: Operate (why you might need Modern Widows Club) It’s about on going support- spiritually, mentally, holistically, acknowledging your progress and identifying your present life.We are in this TOGETHER, so stop by and meet a new friend. My name is Carolyn Moor and I need friends like you. Happy September 2011 :)