Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome PA, TX, IA, KY, CA, WA, TN, NJ and NY

Good Morning Ladies, I wanted to say 'welcome' to all the newbies. (I might have missed a state or two.)

I woke up thinking about how very phenomenal every one of you are. Living out your 'not supposed to be' life. Your eyes open up and you choose to either pull over the covers again (which is fine) or get up and accomplish something (which is fine too).

I don't accomplish everything I set ou
t to do everyday...mainly because I attempt too much. I don't always leave 'space' for what God has ready for me. I have a ritual that I try to do every morning, I pull a 'grace card' and this card always seems to be a northern star for me. It centers me.

Some days I'm surprised how poignant it is and somedays, I'll admit, I get a little miffed at what I pull because its usually something I'm struggling with and want to forget.

Just this moment I pulled my card: RECEIVE- When we open ourselves up to others, we open ourselves up to the abundance of the universe.

I may not know you personally, but I think of you daily constantly. I praise you secretly and I know you do 'a-ma-zing', even when you don't take the time to realize it. I know this journey isn't always easy or wanted. But you have sisters, and they are freakin awesome and ready at the drop of a hat... this I know. There are a million places you can find solace online, I'm honored you are here and I promise to always be painfully authentic. Happy Weekend, we survived and thrived another day ;) 
Carolyn Moor