Sunday, January 22, 2012

No ordinary workshop at Modern Widows Club!

This is the feeling you have when you leave our Modern Widows Club workshops.

This is the work you will do and it's amazingly poignant. You receive 2-3 'take-away's' that will lead you to becoming more spiritually centered. 

These are the kind of women you will meet. Widows, beautiful, loving, caring, alive.

 Women who help each other and learn new tools to accomplish anything in life.

Women who smile, and cry in the same hour but always choose life.

Women who fly from out of state and drive 3 hrs to be in the same room together.

Widows approaching their first death anniversary.

Widows who found us 3 weeks after their husbands passed away.

Widows who found us on Facebook.

Widows who never knew another young and modern widow.

Widows found hope. They discovered veteran widows who know there is a purpose for their pain.

Widows who took a deep look into their own hearts and found life again.

Widows who took a chance and did something new and courageous. Widows who are so happy they did!

You are not alone, far from it. You are welcome to meet these women and more by attending our monthly Social Hours (every 3rd thursday), One on One Mentoring every Thursday , powerful workshops to move forward.
Big thanks to New Hope for Kids in Maitland for allowing use of their beautiful space and giving us this encouragement. 

With Sisterly Love, 

Announcing our very first Modern Widows Club Chapter: Seattle, WA COMING SOON. Ask me how you can start one in your city!

Spread the word, share on facebook, tell your friends, this is something new, something wonderful and something very good.